15 Minute Easy Peach Trifle


Make this easy Peach Trifle for a sweet cold dessert layered with butter pound cake, canned peaches, and sweet cream. Simple to make and ready in fifteen minutes or less!


– 3 cans (15 ounces) sliced canned peaches, drained – 16 ounces butter pound cake – 8 ounces cream cheese, softened – 1 ¾ cups heavy whipping cream – ¼ cup granulated sugar – ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Begin the delicious peach trifle recipe by opening the three 15-ounces cans of sliced peaches and allowing them to drain completely of the liquid.

Step #1

Allow the 16 ounces of butter pound cake to thaw completely if using frozen and cut into small cubed pieces and set aside.

Step #2

Next, use a stand mixer with the paddle attachment on medium-high speed. Add the 8 ounces cream cheese and mix until creamy and smooth.

Step #3

Slowly add the 1 ¾ cups heavy cream and continue mixing until soft peaks form. Add the ¼ cup granulated sugar and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract and mix until smooth.

Step #4

Time to assemble. Start the first layer with half of the cut-up cake, followed by the second layer by topping with an even layer of cream using a spoon. Then add an even layer of peaches.

Step #5

Finish the top with a layer of the prepared whipped cream. Serve immediately or place into the refrigerator until ready to serve and enjoy!

Step #6

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