Hello Dear Reader…Welcome to the Beginning!

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Hello Dear Reader and welcome to the first blog post of the new blog Simply LaKita. I will be sharing more about myself and my kitchen adventures.mmm…what should my first post be about?

Not knowing what to write about for my first blog post can’t be good right?

Since this is mainly a food blog…I’m guessing it should be about food right??

Perhaps I should tell you my reason for wanting to begin a food blog in the first place??

Yep…That sounds like a good starting point.

So let me share with you 5 reasons why I decided to start a food blog.

#5- The Ultimate Hobby…I will never be able to say that I have NOTHING to do again because I can always be working on my food blog. As I learn more the blog will grow and with that will become my need to make changes. Since I know someone will always have a better food blog than mine, it will give me a goal to work towards, a push to make myself better in writing, cooking, baking, and photography.

#4- New Kitchen Adventures…It will cause me to experiment more in the kitchen and try new things because I will not be able to write about the same recipe over and over again. This will allow me a chance to step outside of my comfort zone and think outside the box in terms of my cooking style.

#3- My Voice…Blogging will allow me the opportunity to share my personal thoughts, passions, and things that are important to me. It will give people the chance to get to know me and my little corner of the world.

#2- Recipe Box…Yes, I still have a recipe box that I keep all the recipes that are given to me and that I have found throughout the years. Some of which are actually handwritten (and very dirty and faded…no judgment please :-))  that were my great-grandmothers that have been used for many years. Recently when a friend asked me about a particular recipe and I had to dig in the recipe box to find it. I knew then that I needed a place to keep them and also a place that would be easier for me to share these recipes with others.

#1- You…You’re freakin Awesome!!…It will give me a chance to connect with others and get to know them as they share my experience.

Have you got any comments, questions, or ideas about my first Hello Dear Reader blog post? Share them in the comments below!

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