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Wait…Don’t Feed My Dog That!!

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I have to share with you that I have a begging little dog.

He loves to beg!


He actually positions himself so that you can see him, so you cannot try to ignore him and try to act as though you do not see him. If that does not work, then he will begin to make noise so that you can hear him. This is not something that is exclusive to me and my son, he will beg from anyone that is eating around him. The worse part about his begging is that he will actually blink his eyes repeatedly to make them tear up, so that you will feel sorry for him and give him a nibble of what you are eating. He has always done this and I have no idea where he learned this behavior.

For the most part I do not feed him the foods that I eat, but I will give in to his begging and allow him the occasional tidbit. So of course in doing this…it is important for me to make sure that I am not feeding him anything that can be toxic or potentially hazardous to him. Some things that we eat such as cheese, peanut butter, banana, cooked (un-seasoned) chicken, carrots, oatmeal, and apple slices are fine for dogs to eat and I actually prefer to give these things to my dog as a treat instead of the treats that you buy from the store.

However here is a list of foods that you should Never share with your dog…no matter how much he begs.


Raw Bread Dough


Grapes and Raisins

Macadamia Nuts

Onions and Garlic

This list is just a few things…but I will also share with you the full list from the ASPCA website and of course if you have any questions or concerns, then you should contact your Veterinarian on what foods are safe and harmful.     

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