Snacking with Graze

Snacking is such a huge part of my life and at times it has been terrible for my diet…But I just cannot help it people….I love a good snack!

So when I heard about Graze offering snacks through the mail each week, I had to give it a try!



What exactly is Graze, you may ask? Well that is a very good question my friends because it is a company started by seven friends that decided that it was time for snacking to be reinvented. They basically decided to come up with an idea (or dream) and do whatever it took to make it happen. Don’t you just love people like that? And the result of them following their dreams is that now you and I can enjoy over 90 different delicious and nutritious snacks delivered right to our front door.

The snacks that I have received range from savory to salty to sweet. I have received bars, dried fruit, nuts, and even a mini bag of popcorn. The snack have all been delicious, but just in case you receive something that you do not like…then you can just complete the survey and your will never receive that snack ever again.



These boxes are small enough to fit inside a standard size mailbox, no delivery person or signature required, and have 4 different snacks for you to try inside each box.



Just in case you are interested in giving Graze a try all you need to do is head on over to their website, choose the type of box that you want (nibble, calorie counter, or full size), fill in your mailing information (home or work), and how frequently (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) you would like to receive your snacks. Wait for your snacks to arrive and then ENJOY!


*This is not a sponsored post.

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