Remembering 9/11

On this very day twelve years ago I remember being at work when all of a sudden there was a scramble to turn the television on in the office so everyone could gather around to see exactly what was going on, and when I saw what was happening, I could not believe my eyes. My heart immediately went out to the family of the victims and my thoughts on how would they be able to even comprehend exactly what just happened.

As we gathered ourselves to return to work…it happened again! My supervisor realizing that it was not going to be a productive work day or perhaps the uncertainty and weight of what was happening was the reason that he made the decision to allow us to go home. I never will forget him uttering the words…”Everyone is free to leave early today, go home, and spend time with your family”…words I  have never again heard from any other supervisor that I have ever worked for.

And so I left work to pick up my son from daycare to notice that I was not the only parent that had decided to pick up their child early that day…it was literally only a few kids left in the entire childcare center and they were blissfully playing in one room, totally unaware what was going on, but I am sure they could even sense that something was different about that day. We all could…something shifted that day for us all.

So each year I believe we all should take a pause on 9/11 in order to reflect and honor the 3,000 men, women, and children that left the world on that day to become our forever angels. Spend some time today in their honor and appreciate those you love.


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