My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey {Day 1}

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My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey Day 1 is the first day of a weeklong journey in which blogger, Simply LaKita will fuel her body with nothing but fresh juice.

Today March 4, 2013, represents the day in which I begin my journey on a 7-day juice fast.

The start of this year I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to make better food choices to become more healthy. To kick off this brand new way of living I decided to embark on a 60-day juice fast because I was motivated after enjoying the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (on iTunes). And thus I jumped right into my research on the internet and after reading a huge amount of content articles and watching many YouTube videos I picked up a juicer and began my 60 days of just juice.

The first day was Jan 1st and even though my household enjoyed New Year’s Day dinner, I stuck to my guns and had absolutely nothing but juice. I was thinking to myself that 60 days is going to be a piece of cake…NOT!

Day 2 set in and my body lets me know that it was unhappy about the fact that I was not feeding it. I had the worst headache ever, I was really grouchy, but I went on.

Day 3 arrived and I could not even get out of bed. My headache was so terrible that I could not stand light or sound (it was like a bad hangover). Also, my entire body ached just like I had the flu and I began to fret. So I decided I would modify the fast making it a raw food fast instead for 60 days. I would still have juice, but also raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, and almond milk. The whole month of January I did great and even lost 10 pounds. My energy increased, my sleep was even more restful, and some health problems I had been experiencing greatly improved. Then February came and I was still eating the same, but eating little cheats every now and again. But nevertheless I still maintained my weight loss, but as soon as March hit I was back to my prior way of eating.

How was I eating before Jan 1, 2013?

Well, I drank 2-3 cans of soda pop per day, cups of coffee, plenty of desserts, lots of snacking, skipping meals, and seldom if ever eating any fruits or vegetables. My food regimen was completely all over the place and I was consuming numerous things that were not healthy. Not to mention that diabetes runs in my family (including my father) so I knew exactly what the outcome of a bad diet could have on my life. The main reason why I quit the 60 day juice fast the first time is primarily because I went from one extreme to another. I went from eating junk all the time…stopping cold turkey…to give my body only fruit and vegetable juice and as a result, my body rebelled.

Why try a 7-day juice fast?

My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey Day 1 is the first day of a weeklong journey in which blogger, Simply LaKita will fuel her body with nothing but fresh juice. simplylakita.com #juice #juicefast

My 1st Juice of the Fast

Simply because a 7-day juice fast sounds far more achievable to me as compared to a 60-day juice fast. Plus I figure I can always add days on the end. My body has become used to not having soda pop, cups of coffee, and tons of sugar. I drink more h2o with ease, eat fruits, and fresh vegetables every day. Also when I go overboard and eat unhealthy foods, I am able to tell a big difference and I truly do not like the way I feel.

Besides sharing my story holds me accountable!

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of my 7-day juice fast.

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