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Its almost time for football…

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It is almost time for football season, which means that it is almost time for me to taxi back and forth from practice, to games, to weight-training, and etc. If you have a child that is involved in any extra-curricular activity then you completely understand that I have truly have enjoyed the off season break.

This week the team decided to have a pot-luck to give the parents and players the opportunity to come together before everything gets too crazy busy and I decided to make these babies….

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Kings Hawaiian Buns are so delicious to me…they really give any sandwich something extra. I also used some provolone cheese and deli honey ham.

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And yes my friends that is Cheez Whiz…


They were such a hit that by the time I went through the serving line they were all gone.

Just in case you missed out when I shared the recipe before, then I will share it with you here…Hot King’s Hawaiian Sandwiches…the only difference of course is that this time I added the Cheez Whiz 🙂


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