I Had No Idea….

Simply LaKita all began with this post on February 1, 2013.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I really just wanted a place to express myself and share the recipes that I was giving a try in my kitchen with my friends and family.

I had no idea that I would become part of a blogging community in which I would get the chance to know some wonderful bloggers such as Angela at Working on Working Mom and Roxy at Into Waunderlust.

I had no idea that communities such as SITS Girls would provide me with a place to not only grow my blog into a business and a brand, but would also answer any and every question that I would have in terms of running a blog.

I had no idea that no matter how long it took me to make a recipe, take and edit photos, and come up with words post worthy enough to peak the interest of my readers…that one photo taken with my iPhone of Shakespeare would gain more popularity than anything that I could post on my best day. He has truly grown into a star with my community and I thank you for loving him as much as I do.


I had no idea that I my readers would be so truly AWESOME that they would notice when I was not posting and send me messages to check on me. I believe that sometimes we as bloggers figure that no one will notice if/when we not choose to post and I am humbled to know that you care about me enough to check on me.

I had no idea that through the break down of a marriage, a car accident, raising a teenager, and many other life events…I would find solace and peace through this blog and it would become my safe space during the many storms of life.


I had no idea that I would love this and that my hope is that you will continue to follow my journey and together we will end up better for it.

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