I attended the awesome speak and write 2014

This weekend as well as today I grabbed me a virtual seat at Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Write to Make Millions 2014 Workshop and I am so glad that I did.

I was given so much great information and heard from so many dynamic speakers that I hardly even know where to begin to tell you about. However I will say this…If you are interesting in pursuing writing or speaking as a career or passion on any level, then I highly encourage you to attend this workshop the next time that it is offered. I can already tell you that I will be there in person next year because it was so much information, that attending once is just not enough to even receive it all.

I not only heard from Lisa Nichols, but also Susie Carder, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, Caterina Rando, and many others including Sekou Andrews, who is an extremely talented poet. I will share with you one of his Awesome videos below. Be sure to click on it if you are in need of some motivation.

I will merely sum up the experience by saying this…Lisa told us that if we came empty…she would come full; and now my cup runneth over.  

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