Those Dang Hibatchi Scallops Landed Me in the Dentist Chair!

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Hello Simply LaKita Family…

Today we take a break from recipes because I will be spending no time in the kitchen due to going to the dentist this morning and my mouth is in so much pain that I will only be consuming liquids today. I will be sure to get back on track and share a recipe with you on Wednesday.


Instead I will share with you why I landed in the dentist chair in the first place.

It all began when I went out to eat dinner at a Japanese (Hibatchi) Steakhouse with my family and chose to order my beloved scallops. While chewing on the scallops I bit down on something really hard…totally unexpected…and realized it was a small piece of shell. I checked my tooth and since it was still in tact I figured it was not a problem…WRONG!!

The next day at home while eating something soft (which I cannot remember)…a piece of my tooth came completely out. The top of my tooth had totally broken off. So now my scallops have landed me in the dentist chair today having my tooth repaired.

Will I eat scallops again??…I most certainly will…but I will be a little more careful chewing next time.

Have any of you broken a tooth while eating something?? Please share it with me in the comment section below.  

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