{Day 3} My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey

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Day 3 My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey is the first day of a weeklong journey in which blogger, Simply LaKita will fuel her body with nothing but fresh juice.

Say what??

 Yup, it really is Day 3 of my 7 Day Juice Fast!!
The realism that I have not consumed any food in the past 3 days really hit me today and I, in all honesty, could not believe it. I mean really anytime you are used to eating every day it really is nuts to imagine yourself avoiding eating any food at all for much less 1 day, but I have gone a total of 3. So at this point, I have 4 days left and I am feeling that I can really do this.
Let’s Recap…

  • Weight loss- 1.5lbs for a total of 2 pounds lost since the beginning.
  • Mild Headache-normal simply because my body is still detoxing. If you are just starting a juice fast then this should begin to improve on this day.
  • Sleep-Went to sleep at 9: 30 pm …really early for me in a long time, but I was so drained today. However, I had lots of energy during the day and I woke up again at 7:30 am ready to start my day. Also, my sleep has been much more restful…solid sleep all through the night. Remember a 7-day juice fast your body is detoxing, repairing, and healing itself from the inside…extra work requires extra sleep

So…What kind of juice have I been drinking??

The first 2 days of my 7-day juice fast I kept it very simple and drank water and Arden’s Garden 2 Day Detox. Here is a bit more info about the benefits associated with this juice…

The 2 Day Detox is a unique blend of fresh juices that help cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your body. These fresh citrus juices supply you with minerals, antioxidants and more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins. The 2 Day Detox is based on the time-tested European method of periodic fasting which cleanses the body. Drink one gallon of detox each day – as much distilled water as desired – and remember, no food! www.ardensgarden.com

Day 3 My 7 Day Juice Fast Journey is the first day of a weeklong journey in which blogger, Simply LaKita will fuel her body with nothing but fresh juice. simplylakita.com #juice

This juice tastes similar to regular grapefruit juice to me, but it was the perfect grab and go juice for me to start my 7-day juice fast. I purchased this juice from Whole Foods Market. However, today I began using my juicer, fresh fruits and vegetables and making my own juices. I will be sure to share with you tomorrow a few of my very favorite juice recipes.

Quick Juicing Tips

*If you are not used to juicing and your juice is too strong, no worries just add water and dilute it until you finally can tolerate fresh juice.

*When starting a juice fast…you may want to begin on a day when you have 2 or 3 days off to spend at home. You do not know how your body will react and you do not want to be caught on the job or someplace when the side effects of juicing hit…I’m just saying.

*Get comfortable with your bathroom because the first day or so you will be taking in lots of liquids…so let’s just say you will be VERY hydrated.

Anywho…See you tomorrow for Day 4 of my 7 Day Juice Fast.

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