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All About Skin Cleanser takes a closer look at how important cleansers are and the different types that work best on the skin.

Today begins our new blog series…All About Skin!


To me the foundation to any skin care routine is a cleanser. It is the most important and most useful product that you could possibly have in your tool-kit. A cleanser is simply a soap or detergent that is designed to cleanse your skin. If you do not have a skincare routine at all, then I recommend that you begin with a cleanser.

There are basically 3 different types of cleansers…Gels, Lotions, and Creams.

*FYI…Use the cleanser that is best suited for your particular skin type (normal, dry, combination, oily, sensitive).

Gel-A gel cleanser is usually clear in color and is a foamy cleanser. A foamy cleanser is designed to dissolve more oil. This cleanser works best for oily, acne-prone, and combination skin types.

Lotion-A cleansing lotion is water-based and is a more ’milky’ cleanser. It does not strip the skin and usually contains additional ingredients the help with sensitivity, dryness, and capillary problems. This cleanser works best on dry and mature skin types.

Cream-A cream cleanser is a water-in-oil solution that mainly is designed to dissolve make-up and dirt. This cleanser is usually a thicker consistency and should be removed with a sponge or cloth. This cleanser works best for people who wear thicker and lots of make-up, such as actors and theater performers, as well as again very dry and mature skin types.

A make-up remover is a special cleanser that is oil based that works best to grab dirt and makeup from the pores of the skin. It can be used as a pre-cleanse to remove make-up and loosen it up prior to your regular cleansing routine. If you wear make-up you will need to cleanse twice in order to make sure that you have thoroughly cleansed your skin.

Be sure to cleanse your skin 2 different times a day. In the morning when you wake up and before you put on any makeup in order to freshen your skin and remove any leftover dirt and debris that you may have missed. You will also need to cleanse in the evening, night, or end of your day in order to remove dirt, pollen, dust, or anything that has landed on your skin during the day.

Please…Take your time when you cleanse your skin.

Always remember to remove your make-up prior to going to bed at night. If you do not feel like it…use a cleansing cloth or milky cleanser and tissue to remover at night. Keep this in your nightstand drawer.

Tomorrow we will talk all about Toner…stay tuned.

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