{About Me A-Z}

Happy Friday!!

Are you as happy that today is the beginning of the weekend as I am?

It has been such a busy week for me that I found myself cooking less this week than I normally do…things will be back to normal next week I pinky promise, but for now I will simply share a little more about myself.


{About Me A-Z}

A. age – 3o-Something 😉

B. bed size – King

C. chore you hate – Mopping

D. dog(s) – Shakespeare…he’s a mini poodle…he’s spoiled and its everyone’s fault…okay, okay, its mainly my fault.


E. essential start to your day – coffee…decaf now since I gave up caffeine NYE 2013.


F. favorite color – Blue

G. gold or silver – Gold

H. height – 5’3“

I. instruments you play – None

J. job title – Esthetician and Blogger

K. kids – 1 son


L. live – Peachy Atlanta, GA

M. maiden name – Moore

N. nicknames – Kita…and others I will share at a later date…once we know each other a little better.

O. overnight hospital stays – Yes 3 times

P. pet peeve – When people tell you “I have something to tell you…later”…Ugh!! Tell me now, the suspense will drive me crazy.

Q. quote – “Its Never to Late to Become the Person that you Might Have Been”

R. righty or lefty – Right

S. siblings – 0

T. time you wake up – 8:30 AM

U. university attended – Florida State University…Go Noles!!

V. vegetables you dislike – Brussel Sprouts

W. what makes you run late – #naturalhairproblems…Ha! Ha!

X. x-rays you’ve had – dental, back, and shoulder

Y. yummy food – Chocolate

Z. zoo animal favorite – Lion…They always look so calm, yet powerful. 



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